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Close your eyes and think of Charleston, S.C. What comes to mind? Do you have a mental image of the Ravenel Bridge or the famous burger at Husk? Maybe you think of how the sun shines on the harbor or the smell of the city after it rains.

Those idyllic images of Charleston are true and they are beautiful. And yet, they represent only a small part of what the Holy City has to offer.

Over the past few years, Charleston has become a surprise leader in the technology industry. No longer is our town just mentioned alongside tourist destinations or historic landmarks on the eastern seaboard. Rather, Charleston is a city being discussed in conjunction with Silicon Valley and New York City.

In July, the Post and Courier reported that the tech industry in Charleston is growing 26 percent faster than the national average. That puts us nearly on pace with famed tech-hub Silicon Valley. We already have a higher percentage of IT-related business employment than traditionally better-known tech cities like Austin and Raleigh.

So far, Charleston is home to more than 300 tech companies, easily allowing us the nickname ‘Silicon Harbor.’ Venture capitalists from across the country have taken notice. The Brookings Institution ranked Charleston number 12 in the nation for venture capital first fundings.

In the past five years, the city of Charleston and the Charleston Digital Corridor, a creative initiative to attract, nurture, and promote Charleston’s tech economy, have built two Flagship business incubators to foster young, tech-oriented firms. A third Flagship incubator is underway.

Technology is not the only growing industry in Charleston, but for now, it is perhaps the one that is garnering the most national attention. Core Solutions Group is excited to be a part of supporting not only this industry, but also our city. We have experience in the technology sector and are excited to help entrepreneurs take a remarkable idea and turn it into a full-fledged, profitable business or to work with existing companies as they look to attract users, high-performing employees, and capital.

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