We work with you to help determine what makes sense for your business needs, from organizational structure to company policies. One size doesn’t fit all, so we focus only on what makes it easier for you and your team to do what you do best and ensure you are ready for the future.

  • Organizational Design – How should your company be structured to drive growth, while strengthening both long and short term performance?
  • HR/Human Capital/Recruiting – What kind of employee will add the most value to your company? How do you go about hiring him or her?
  • Change Management – Change is inevitable and provides great opportunities for reaching new levels of success. How do you manage to achieve minimal disruption and a smooth transition?
  • Compliance – Do you know the rules and regulations of your industry? Are you applying them to your daily operations?
  • Financial Management and Analysis – How do you make the numbers work? What does a new facility, product line, or employee benefit actually cost? How do you determine the ROI on daily operations to new product lines? 
  • Company Culture – What does your company value? How do you create the most efficient working environment while staying true to your company’s values?


What you say matters, as does how and where you say it! We help determine the best medium, tone, and messaging to get your point across to whomever the audience is.

  • Internal Communications – How do you talk to your team? How does your team communicate with each other? 
  • External Communications – How do you present yourself to the world? How does word travel about you?
  • Social Media – What is the best way to use social media in your company?
  • Brand Management – How do you create and manage a strong, lasting, and effective brand for your product or company?

Strategy and Business Development:

From responding to grants and proposals and establishing new partnerships, to market analysis and setting key performance indicators, we work with you to determine the best ways to build and grow your business.

  • Business Planning – Do you have a set business plan? How do you set goals and how do you know if you are reaching them?
  • Growth – How do you determine if a new path for growth is right for your company? How do you make sure you are ready for growth?
  • Capabilities – What specific capabilities do you have that will help you grow and sustain a high-performing organization?
  • Proposal Development and Management – How do you provide a compelling, clear, and compliant response to a government, grant, B2B, or investor proposal? How do you know if your pricing is competitive?